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      Advantages of Mediation                                                                              
The basic requirement for Mediation is that all court processes whatsoever referring
to the conflict have to be untried.

Mediation can only work, if all conflict parties are motivated to it.

It has to be clear for the conflict parties that they are at the wheel of the deciding process. Each of them
has to be prepared to participate on this process and has to take the responsibility of the result.

The self-responsibility of the conflict parties in the Mediation has the following elements:

- they have to do everything in order to realise their situation

- they have to awaken to their personal priorities

- they have to be ready to stand for their selves and to face up to all coming up conflicts

The duty of a Mediator is to illumine the situation without judging or distorting them beforehand.

The readiness to stand right-up for oneself not only demands to show the own point-of-view but also to assert oneself against any decision which would impede for their further future.

The ability to disaccord opens the way to unity.

Mediation only can lead to success, if the conflict parties are prepared to work on a mutual acceptable decision.